PSR Ten-yearly safety evaluation of the entire nuclear plant, mandatory under national and international nuclear operating licences. In Dutch called 10EVA.

ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable, for reducing the radiation dose received by staff.

AMAT The IAEA’s Ageing Management Assessment Team.

ANVS Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection.

AVT All Volatile Treatment.

Benchmark Independent international committee of experts established by the Dutch government to assess whether the Borssele nuclear power plant is one of the 25% safest nuclear power plants in the West.

On-call duty Staff carrying communications equipment, who can be called up immediately, and are within a short distance of the nuclear plant.

ERBVC External Reactor Safety Committee, a group of international external experts who supervise the plant and have the task of preventing the internal experts from developing tunnel vision.

Failure Mode & Effect Analysis A method for analysing potential modes of failure and their impact.

GRS Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit, the German nuclear safety organisation.

IAEA The United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency, whose headquarters are in Vienna.

INES International Nuclear Event Scale.

IVC Commission for Industrial Safety.

Core melt frequency The likelihood that the core will sustain damage due to overheating. Calculated using probabilistic methods. Borssele score: once every 10 million years.

Matrix Ordered system of atoms, material.

Mean Time between Failure Method for comparing the reliability of components.

Mean Time to Repair The average length of time to complete a repair, including call-out time and delivery time for spare parts.

Probabilistisch Safety Analysis (PSA) Probabilistic safety analysis assumes that even unlikely events (and combinations thereof) can occur. The analysis relates single or multiple failure and human error to the realistic chance that they will occur.

Quartile Quarter of a certain amount.

RBVC The (internal) Reactor Safety Committee, consisting of specialists and middle managers from the EPZ organisation. Supervises safety.

Redundant Excess, more implemented than required.

RESA ReaktorSchnellAbschaltung.

SALTO IAEA Safe Long Term Operations peer review team.

SED Site Emergency Director, leader of the emergency response team.

(micro)Sievert Unit of measurement for the radiation dose to which a human is exposed over a certain period of time.

State of the Art Skills and technology of the highest available level.

WANO World Association of Nuclear Operators, the international industry association which focuses on knowledge sharing and improvements in safety and other performance.